Orange Rose Illuminated Glass Fanus Lamp

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A privileged gift selection, for your loved ones birthday lights among the most special gifts. With the rose design in it, you can express the eternity of your loved one and make their life enlightened. To illuminate the darkest moments of your loved ones orange rose light glass fanus LED table lamp model.

Orange Rose Illuminated Glass Fanus Led Table Lamp, Naïve Gifts For Birthdays

Decorative lighting products are always a naïve gift selection. These gifts can be offered to your loved ones at all special moments décor lamp can be a source of light for every moment of life. Orange rose light glass flask lamp model is always among the most elegant gift alternatives that can be purchased. It is among the most stylish pieces in lighting collections.By Lamp The product offered for sale on the platform can be purchased easily and reaches the address of the people as soon as possible with fast shipping.

Orange Rose Illuminated Glass Fanus Led Table Lamp, Product Specifications;

  • Works with 3 small batteries
  • Dimensions 20 cm x 11 cm
  • The package includes glass flask, 1.5 meters of wire, artificial flowers and 3 pen batteries.

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