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Natural Salt LampNatural Salt Lamp
By Lamp Natural Salt Lamp
Sale priceFrom 169.90TL
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Serrated sphere salt lamp
Gas lamp shaped salt lamp
Egg Salt Lamp
By Lamp Egg Salt Lamp
Sale price229.90TL
Swan Salt Lamp
By Lamp Swan Salt Lamp
Sale price239.90TL
Lampshade salt lamp
By Lamp Lampshade salt lamp
Sale price359.90TL
Raindrop salt lamp
By Lamp Raindrop salt lamp
Sale price289.90TL
Apple salt lamp
By Lamp Apple salt lamp
Sale price239.90TL
Flat Sphere Salt Lamp
By Lamp Flat Sphere Salt Lamp
Sale price239.90TL
Double Heart Salt Lamp
By Lamp Double Heart Salt Lamp
Sale priceFrom 199.90TL
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By Lamp Dolphin
Sale price239.90TL
Leaf Salt Lamp
By Lamp Leaf Salt Lamp
Sale price239.90TL
Salt Case LampSalt Case Lamp
By Lamp Salt Case Lamp
Sale price339.90TL
Serrated vase salt lamp
By Lamp Serrated vase salt lamp
Sale price199.90TL
By Lamp Chassis
Sale price259.90TL
Plain vase model salt lamp
Tulip salt lamp
By Lamp Tulip salt lamp
Sale price239.90TL
Sphere Lampshade Salt Lamp
Vase Salt Lamp with Flower Motif
White saucer
By Lamp White saucer
Sale price259.90TL

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