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Cookie (CoOKIE) policy

What is the cookie?

Web sites you have visited are saving small information on your computer or phone, and then read this information when you visit the same site. The files in which these small information is recorded are called cookies or cookies (English: Cookie). Cookies are usually used to improve your navigation experience on the Internet and personalize the sites. For example, if you select "Remember Me" when logging into a site, it saves a cookie in your browser that contains your user name (or a custom identification number). The cookies can only read the site that forms them. The site will also determine how long the cookie will hide.

The use of cookies

Cookie ("CoOKIE")

From our website ( We are using Cookie to be able to benefit most efficiently and develop your user experience. When you log in to our website, you are asking you a question that you accept the use of Cookie. Cookies will be active after selecting 'Accept' option. If you change your opinion and you do not choose the use of Cookie, you can always delete or block Cookies from your browser's settings. However, we would like to remind you that this can affect your internet site. As long as you do not change your Cookie settings from your browser, Cookies will continue to be used on this site. The following is why Cookies are used for which purpose and how long it is stored. You are sharing some information and data directly or indirectly with us for the use of services on our site. This information is the information you gave when you register to the site (such as name, email address, phone) or your use (when using the contact form when using the contact form, etc., etc., etc.) (IP, device, location and scanner information, navigation and interaction content, data such as date and connection). We show maximum self-emotions in storing your knowledge and data. Our website is not shared with 3rd party persons with your Cookie data stored on our server. Cookie data stored by external services (live support plugin, Facebook plug-in, Youtube video, Twitter content, etc.) is the responsibility of external services. For this; Check our 'Lighting Text', 'KVKK' and 'Privacy Policy' pages.

Cookies used on the website

Underage (Add / Remove / Remove According to Your Site's Content)

If you are under the age of 18, you need to visit the Web site under your parents' relevance. You must not use this Web site without your parents' aluma and share any personal data.

What is cookie and why is it used?

Cookies are small text (data) files stored on your device or network server through the websites you visit.

  • To develop services offered to you through increasing the functionality and performance of the website,
  • To improve the website, provide new features via the website and personalize the properties according to your preferences,
  • Of the website, you and our company (or your business, our site, etc.) to ensure the provision of legal and commercial security.

Cookie types

The main purpose of use is the cookies to convenience to users are mainly collected in 4 main groups:

  • Session Cookies:It is cookies that allow us to benefit from various features such as transportation of information between the Internet pages and the systematic remembrance of the information entered by the user and is required to properly process the functions of the website.
  • Performance cookies:The visitation frequency of the pages, possible error messages are cookies that collect information on the usual forms of use in terms of use of users with the total time they spend on the corresponding page and is used for the purpose of increasing the performance of the website.
  • Functional Cookies:It is cookies that enable the user to remind the user in order to ensure convenience and aims to provide users with advanced internet features within the scope of the website.
  • Advertising and third-party cookies:The third party is the cookies of the suppliers and allows the use of some functions on the website and to make advertising tracking (appropriate advertising).

Cookies use purposes The aims of the cookies being used by the cookies are as follows:

  • Safety purposes:BYLAMP.COM can use cookies that determine uneven behaviors that allow to benefit from the functions on this site to ensure the administration and security of their systems.
  • Uses for functionality:BYLAMP.COM can use cookies to facilitate the use of their systems and provide users' information and past selections in order to ensure the use features of the user.
  • Performance may use cookies that evaluate and analyze the interaction and user behaviors with messages sent to increase and measure the performance of their systems.
  • Advertising can use cookies that measure or analyze the effectiveness of these ads, in order to communicate advertising and similar content within the scope of the systems of self or third parties.

Our use of cookies for advertising purposes (You can delete this part if the ad is not published on the site)

bylamp.comIt uses Google AdSense advertising system / systems. This system is displayed on advertisements on publisher websites where AdSense ads are displayed to provide content by GoogleDoubleclick dartscontains the cookie.

As a third party seller, Google benefit from cookies to publish advertising on our site. Using these cookies, your users provide ads based on the visits to your site and other sites on the Internet.Google Advertising and Content Network Privacy PolicyYou can prevent the use of dart cookies by visiting.

Google uses third-party advertising companies to provide advertising services when visiting our website. The companies in question can use the visits to these sites and other websites (your name, address, e-mail address or phone number) to show you the advertisement of products and services that will be interested in your services. To find out about this app and learn what your options are to prevent the information from being used by these companies and for more informationNAI Self-Regulatory Principles for Publishers (PDF)You can take advantage of the ACTI of the document.