Pink-Tinted Median Floral Wall Lamp White Sconce


Sale price189.90TL


Pink hydrangea floral wall lamp white sconce, an easy-to-use product. It can be glued to the wall and open and close easily. That way it won't take up any space in the room.

Easy-to-Use Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting, while meeting the needs, it also enhances the beauty of the environment. With small touches, it contributes to people's mental health and personal values. Pink coloured median floral wall lamp white sconce Extremely ideal-sized they come across as products. Its structure is durable and modern. Decorative products He was ranked first in his category. This results in great advantages. The product, which houses structurally highly appropriate models, is a successful production. By Lamp has done a professional job in this area. Decorating materials the products are a marvel of usage, although they provide extremely appropriate conditions within them.

Product Measurements and Specifications

  • It has 2 artificial flowers.
  • It's used by hanging on the wall.
  • Two pens can be powered easily by battery.

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