Snowy Pine Tree LED Illuminated Decor


Sale price169.90TL


New Year's Designs There are many trees designs located between and a highly decorative image. One of these snowy pine tree led illuminated The decor products are going on. Next to be a stylish design, it also provides interest in these designs. BY LAMP It is a product on sale at affordable prices on site.

Good quality and christmas themed lighting

Christmas design lamp There are also designs that can be used as decor products at the same time in the models. Snowy pine tree led illuminated The decor lamp is a product that will make your home look very stylish. Decorative lighting has an important place within their models.

Product Properties and Dimensions

  • 10.5 x 25 cm size.
  • 3AAA works with battery.
  • Emits light in daylight.
  • Are suitable for use in indoor.
  • Can be taken as a gift.

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