Flamingo Led Lights


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Christmas light there are many models among the lights that can also be used as . Flamingo LED lights very ideal options. In these products, which stand out with their quality models, you can create a different ambience while illuminating the environments.

Colorful Christmas Lighting

Colorful Christmas lights you can make your living spaces personal with . You can enter the new year in a completely different atmosphere and make your life color. Flamingo LED lights it is among the lighting that responds to expectations and can be used for many years. Decorative lighting it is among the products that anyone who is looking for. In addition, you can create a very stylish décor and reveal your own tastes. By Lamp they are extremely high standards of designs with advantages.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • It consists of 20 beads.
  • It has daylight lighting.
  • It is a product 2 meters long.
  • 3 pens are powered by batteries.

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