Black Metal Pine Tree Led Décor

By LampSKU: BY-3261

Sale price159.90TL


One of the lighting models that best appeals to user expectations special for New Year's Eve designs. Designed with high quality and extremely high standards black metal pine tree LEDli décor it offers a very stylish design. By Lamp it is also possible to easily obtain this product from the site.

Colorful Christmas Decorations

If you want to take advantage of many different designs as you enter the new year Christmas design lamp models. Black metal pine tree LED décor lamp designs are among the products that best appeal to user expectations. Model options are extremely high.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • It measures 24 x 31 cm.
  • It is a product with 30 LEDs.
  • Emits sunlight in color.
  • 3 pens are powered by batteries.
  • For indoor use.

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