Colorful Illuminated Glass Fanus LED Table Lamp

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Base Selection: Wood floor
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Are you lost in the Capcan world of colors?With the special production colorful LED wires, which are located in the glass fan, you will create a party air in your home. Crowded friend environments or will accompany you while having fun times with your family Colorful Illuminated Glass Fanus LED Table LampBrilliant color is to scatter the light about you with the smell.

Colorful Illuminated Glass Fanus LED Table Lamp, Stylish Meeting Technology

Today is nowadays that a new one is added to the technological products Colorful Illuminated Glass Fanus LED Table Lamp Git began to attract attention. Inside LED Technology and uncompromising from the brightness BY LAMP With good quality materials, you will always light up on your head. This consisting of different combinations of colors decorative lighting will be common to your excitement and happiness. This decorative product will like seven to seventy is not losing long-time visuality.

Colorful illuminated glass fanus LED table lamp, product specifications;

  • Glass Fanus Dimensions: 20 * 11 cm
  • LED of LED Wires: 1.5 mt
  • 3 pens works with battery.

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