Fairy Led Metal Flamingo Table Top Decor


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If you wish to buy a gift for your own child or another child Special designs to children You need to choose from inside. Designed in extremely high standards Fairy Led Metal Flamingo Table Top Decor The model can be a very pleasant birthday gift. To the products BY LAMP You can easily reach through the point of sale.

Gift to adorn children's dream world

Fairy Led Metal Flamingo Table Top Decor As a very different gift can be taken on children's birthdays. This is that you can choose as a different option decorative lighting It is a product that appeals to their naive soul. Unique Special designs to children With their life, you can get the chance to create an important difference in their life.

Product Properties and Dimensions

  • The metal pink table is flamingo product.
  • Is 30 cm height.
  • The light color is daylight.
  • Works with 2 pencil batteries.
  • Is suitable for interior.

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