Fairy Led Metal Pineapple Table Top Décor


Sale price249.90TL


Special for children lighting products designed as lighting products that illuminate the darkest moments. Fairy LED metal pineapple tabletop décor the product is one of them. This quality, unique design is a stylish design that reflects their cheerful spirit. By Lamp It is very easy to buy this design with its advantages.

The Perfect Gift for Children

On birthdays, children become the happiest beings in the world when they receive gifts. At times like this nursery lamp the choice can be a very special gift. For lighting both accessories and media on their desks LED metal pineapple tabletop décor design is available. Decorative lighting these products are extremely advantageous options.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • It is 5 cm high.
  • The color of light is daylight.
  • Two pens are powered by batteries.
  • Designed for indoors.
  • Batteries are not included in the product package.

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