Neptune - Dimmered Colorful Wooden Table Lamp


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Neptune - Dimmered Colorful Wooden Table Lamp, The Neptune Decorative Table Lamp, which is one of the most rarest parts that you can find between the thousands of lighting products, which are designed by the thousands of lighting products, is located in the Neptune Decorative Table Lamp ... The most special lamp you can need in living areas are everywhere you want with Neptune Lamp that combined in a single design. You may feel the comfort of the light. You will also be interested in this decorative lamp, which will be interested in one of the most pleasant and unusual gifts you can offer to your loved ones.

The power of light with Neptune lamp is in your hands!

The freedom of lighting as well as you need is again hidden in the pleasant design of Neptune lamp! There is no longer need to call different options for a dimnight light or a luminous work desk lamp. Neptune lamp light power is adjustable to the dimmelier structure, the light reflects the light to the atmosphere. In addition, this particular lighting is a unique choice of birch plywood pedestal, 100% hand-worked surface and all other details with the signature of the designer with all the other details that are unique for those who want to experience peace and enjoyment to re-experience peace and enjoyment. With the colors that feed your special patterned cable and soul, tape the orbit of Neptune lamp and enjoy more discovering one of the rarest parts of the lighting world.

NEPTUNE - Dimmer Colored Wooden Table Lamp Product Features:

Wood surface (birch plywood)

Light Power Adjustable Dimmer Key

40W LED Lighting

130 cm custom patterned cable

Product Dimensions: 8x15x17 cm

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 days

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