Marshmallow - Colored Concrete Table Lamp


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Marshmallow - Colorful Concrete Table Lamp, We introduce you to one of the most special designs of By Lamp! Marshmallow decorative table lamp stands out as one of the rare lighting products that brings to mind the question of how much more pleasant and stylish a lighting can be. With marshmallow lamp, which is also frequently preferred as a gift option with its pleasant colors and useful decorative form, the chance to attach everything that inspires you to a corner of your living space is with you!

Marshmallow - Colored Concrete Table Lamp, Discover the most enjoyable version of light!

Dim lighting capacity of Marshmallow lamps produced using concrete and colored using 100% manual labor; it makes it a unique piece that accompanies you whenever you want to feel peaceful. The most pleasant shades of turquoise and orange combine with the most special bulbs, while you can also discover the most beautiful shades of red and blue in that lovely design of the Marshmallow lamp. The chance to discover the most enjoyable and decorative version of the unusual and colorful lighting you are looking for! You can explore the most beautiful premium lighting models right now to have the most stylish table lamp with the most exclusive details.

Marshmallow - Colored Concrete Table Lamp Product Features:

Mechanical switch

40W LED lighting

130 cm transparent cable

Product Dimensions: 14x17.5x12.5 cm

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 Days

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