Latch LED Lights


Sale price179.90TL


If you want your photos to look very nice Christmas designs you can use the LED lights in the Latch LED lights it is a functional product as an extremely beautiful design. Selling at accessible prices helps ensure it's easy to get.

The Most Stylish Lighting Models

With its transparent appearance and elegant light latch LED lights extremely stylish designs. The fact that these products can be used to high standards increases user satisfaction. Christmas light you can also use it easily. Decorative lighting models are extremely ideal designs. It is a design suitable for every room. Indoor lighting options are among the undisputed products. By Lamp you can easily obtain this product from the site.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • He's 6 feet tall.
  • There are 10 LED lamps.
  • It runs on two AA batteries.
  • It is a warm white color.

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