LED angel decorative lamp

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You can think for the bedroom colorful night light One of the most demanded varieties within the products LED angel decorative lamp is the option of. Whether your loved ones as a gift, if you want angel figure on your bedside BY LAMP You can get yourself by placing an order from your site. Product LED Night Light the angel figure in the category, decorative lighting You can use to add a fascinating beauty to the environments you will do.

My star my angel i love

 LED angel decorative lamp The most affordable prices are designed so that you can order in an online environment. The star figure held in his hand will also be a message for those who want to get a valentine night light gift.


Product Dimensions and Properties

  • The product you place your order will arrive in a ready use with batteries.
  • Contains angel image as shape.
  • Electrical energy power is 0-5W as WATT.
  • The body is made of plastic material.
  • The battery type used in the content is AA shaped.
  • The voltage pull power is 5V.

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