Led Moon Decorative Lamp


Sale price129.90TL


Special for children if you want to create a bedroom décor, you can take advantage of different alternatives. High quality and extremely stylish LED moon decorative lamp model is a very pleasant option. This design, which is suitable for the user budget, is also an extremely ideal light source.


Different Ideas in LED Lighting

Led moon decorative lamp model is an extremely stylish design. This design is sold to high quality standards baby room lamp allows you to create a very pleasant ambience. These products, which stand out with their quality and different design, can always be preferred with their style. Decorative lighting is a model that takes an eye on its products. By Lamp This lighting option, which is offered with the advantages of the platform, is offered for sale with different designs.


Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • It works with 2 AA batteries.
  • It could be a nice gift for the kids.
  • The battery is also shipped in the package.

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