Red-faded rose illuminated glass fanus lamp

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People with a high taste should be found in living areas of LED illuminated decorative lamp The varieties are the products that attract each of the attention. Red-faded Rose Illuminated Glass Fanus LED Table Lamp The models are also one of them. Specifically designed for users who are in search of an unusual design By Lamp's This lighting products reveal a flawless fit with the decor of the spaces.

Red faded rose illuminated glass fanus led table lamp, artistic touch in lighting

All designs are produced in decorative lighting products. One of these products is the red-faded rose-light glass fanus lamp model. It is one of the most cutting ways to express your love on Valentine's Day or on his birthday. Those who are in the quest for Valentine Gift can ensure that this design is translator to your feelings and express your feelings to the opposite side. You can illuminate the life of your favorite people with your love.

Red faded rose illuminated glass fanus led table lamp, product specifications;

  • 3 small pencils are used.
  • Dimensions 20 cm x 11 cm
  • The rose is based on 2 years.
  • The shocked is a real rose.
  • The package is located in 3 pen batteries, glass fanus, 1.5 meters led wire.

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