Illuminated Glass Fanus Little Prince Figure Lamp

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It is extremely difficult to choose a gift that appeals to the soul of children. But nowadays there are many different gift alternatives. Illuminated glass flask small prince figure LED table lampis one of them. With its modern stance and design that will be of interest to children children's room table lamp is a candidate product to be.

Illuminated Glass Fanus Little Prince Figure Lamp, Birthday Special Gift

If you don't know what to buy kids on their birthdays decorative lighting options. Illuminated glass flask little prince figure lamp model can be one of the most ideal gifts. This product responds to children's gift expectations special for children designs and brighten their room in the most beautiful way on dark nights.

These products are always the center of attention with both their prices and designs. If you want to contribute to the dreams of the little ones By Lamp you can buy the product from the online sales site.

Illuminated Glass Fanus Little Prince Figure Lamp, Product Features;

  • 3 small pens are powered by batteries.
  • 20 cm x 11 cm in size
  • The package includes 3 pen batteries, small prince figure, 1.5 meters LED wire, glass flask.

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