Dog-Figure Table Lamp With Illuminated Glass Fanus Scarf

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If you want to feature different designs in children's rooms animal-themed lamp You may prefer their model. Dog-figure table lamp with illuminated glass fanus scarf its model is always a design that responds to expectations. By Lamp you can review the product's visuals from its platform and purchase them at reachable prices.

Dog Figure Table Lamp with Light Glass Fanus Scarf, Animal Themed Lighting Products

Decorative lighting there are many different alternatives that are among its options. Among these alternatives Animal kingdom design options are best suited for children's rooms. For their birthdays or as a rationing gift dog-figure table lamp with light glass fanus scarf You can present it. The visual elegance of the models and the strong light of their light will make a significant difference to their lives too.

Dog Figure Table Lamp with Light Glass Fanus Scarf, Product Specifications;

  • It works with 3 small pen batteries.
  • Measure 20cm x 11cm
  • The pack includes glass fanus, three pen batteries, 1.5 metre LED Wire, dog figure.
  • The floral image may differ in color or shape.

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