Illuminated Wooden Car Lamp

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Nursery lighting options are extremely wide. Each parent has the opportunity to enjoy many different benefits for their children. Illuminated wooden car lamp model is among them. This design, which makes a name for itself with its quality, both brightens the environment highly and offers an extremely stylish appearance. With affordable price By Lampavailable on the website.

Quality Children's Lighting

Special for children the designed lighting has an extremely stylish appearance. Decorative lighting These products create a different atmosphere in the children's room. Illuminated wooden car lamp prevents them from being afraid during their night's sleep. Because it also acts as an ideal night light.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

  • Wood materials are used.
  • Product sizes are 18 cm / 11 cm in shape.
  • It works with 2 pen batteries.
  • Pen batteries are included in the package.


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