Epoxy table lamp


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You will love this lamp!One of the most subtly designed designs you can see and see of epoxy lamps She is fully time to go out in the stylish and modern world. Designed in the most pleasing form that a lighting can get Epoxy Decorative Table LampJust in your home, not in your home, your office and everywhere you wish to renew the air of the atmosphere to the end. With your flexible and decorative form, you can enjoy your interest in your favorite epoxy lamp with your interest and looks over your eyes.

Inspiration meeting with organic tree cross section: epoxy table lamp

The production phase is very difficult and detailed, one of the things that make the epoxy lamp so special, the breathing o organic tissue ... The epoxy resin spilled on organic tree sections is a fascinating appearance and the name of the epoxy table lamp from here, the name of the epoxy table lamp is inspired by the name of the epoxy table lamp. Again, he was crowned with the most special Edison Rustic Bulb. This is that it reveals the designer's finish workmanship and inspiration decorative lighting Thanks to, you can create that dim and fascinating atmosphere you wish in your living space and enjoy having such a pleasant part. Reason for different tree sections used in the production of the product, the inspiration tissue of the epoxy illumination of the epoxy lighting is now right now!

Product features:

40W halogen lighting

130 cm custom patterned cable

Product Dimensions: 9,5x9,5x18.7cm


Estimated Delivery Time: 10 days

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