Donut - Colorful Concrete Table Lamp


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Add pastel touches to your living space!BY LAMP has been added to the colorful and fun desktop decorative lighting models in which it works with inspiration! You do not want to create a tasty touch with the donut lamp produced by taking advantage of the innovations offered by a very special workmanship and lighting world.

Have one of the most special dim lightings!

BY LAMP's most special designs donut table lampIt is produced using decorative form and concrete material. Donut lamps produced and painted with 100% hand work; With its pleasant and pastel tones come together, it turns into one of the pleasant lighting that everyone needs. For those who want to rest or sleep in a mild light in a calm environment, especially in a calm environment donut lamp is a unique option. This product used in 40W LED bulb and transparent cable in its production offers you a chance to have an illumination designed to you. If you also want to make room in your habitat and a modern dimly light lamp in your habitat, you can benefit from the cute and colored texture of the donut lamp.

Only in your home table lamp and night light In addition to using it as a work place, in your office, the decorative donut lamp that you can also evaluate your office at your work desk or children's room; With pastel colors and quality lighting solutions, your living spaces are guests. This charming lighting that you can also evaluate as a nice gift option for your loved ones, surprise on special days For those who want to do!

Product features:

  • Mechanical Key (on cable)
  • 40W LED Lighting
  • 30 cm transparent cable
  • Product Dimensions: 14x17,5x14 cm

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 days

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