Cloud table lamp

BouffeeCloudSKU: A100B3

Model selection: Daylight cloud
Bottom Color: White Foot
Sale price4,299.90TL


Are you ready for a discoverable discovery in the sky?In the increasing popularity of the cloud lamps, and both decorative and an original lighting product with both decorative and an original lighting product with all the best cloud lamp models. It will also become an indispensable product for your loved ones. There is no limit to the gifts you can offer on special days ... Here the cloud lamp can also be evaluated with peace of mind as a very pleasant gift option that allows you to reconsider the limits.

Create your inspiring color and form with cloud lamp!

Cloud Stalter Lighting, Cloud Lamps and Volume Cloud Table Lamps are only some of the options that you can find in these special creations ... This lighting product designed with the inspiration taken from the shape and texture of the cloud is designed in different forms with white, daylight and RGB bulbs. So you can easily reflect the cotton cloud tissue you dreamed comfortably with your living space. If you wish you can get more pleasing images using the bulbs in different colors. Do not delay this pleasant product to explore this pleasant product that you can use in different areas such as a children's room lighting, work desk lighting or office, workplace. Enjoy welcoming the unlimited atmosphere of the sky in your living space!

Product features:

Hypoallergenic polyester fiber, plexi shell

Halogen Free, Osram LED

On / off button

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