Unfinished ellipse led lamp

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Quite private and rarely a collection of lighting Unfinished ellipse led lamp Re-trap the magic of the art of illumination with ... Decorative lighting which is one of the most special parts between Unfinished ellipse led lamp It is possible to create an unusual and original atmosphere in the living area where you wish.

Invest with the unfinished ellipse LED lamp design over the dream!

Completely handmade and produced from natural marble and LED lighting The Ashlar lighting collection is waiting for many different designs. Due to the natural tissue of the marble, this lighting product, which has original colors and patterns, each with the reflection of the Onyx marble, the natural beauty reflects the natural beauty with their unique light. Who could have dreamed that the LED lamps in the daylight will have such a pleasant look in natural marbles? Request BY LAMPAshlar collection, one of the most rarest designs, the designs of this dream bring together a snap with you!

This is the guest to our living space with different forms and unique lines custom design lamp Thanks to its collection, get ready to bring a brand-new faint to your decoration. This impressive table lamp you can freely free in your home, workplace and many more areas comes forward as a unique gift option for your loved ones.

Product features:

  • Natural onyx marble
  • Daylight led bulb
  • On / off button

Estimated Delivery Time:5 days

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