Astronaut Sitting Red Fanus Table Lamp

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Galaxy-themed designs products that enrich children's imaginations. Astronaut sitting red fanus LED table lampin this respect, the model is the most suitable for the pure nature of children. By Lamp You can give children an unforgettable gift at easy payment options and discounted prices offered by the site.

Astronaut Sitting Red Fanus Table Lamp, Special for Those Looking for Differences in Decoration

One of the products that reflects children's dreamsastronaut sitting red flask table lamp models. Fanus lamp models are an ideal option in all respects. You may have the opportunity to make them very happy on their birthdays. Decorative lighting You can also have the advantage of purchasing these designs in their collections for a friend who is interested in space or planets.

Astronaut Sitting Red Fanus Table Lamp, Product Features;

  • 3 pens are powered by batteries.
  • Size 20 cm x 11 cm
  • Wooden White Base
  • The package includes an astronaut figure, glass flask, pen battery, 1.5 meter LED.

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