3-dimensional Satun Girl & Male Led Lamp

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3-dimensional Saturn girl & boy led lamp, is an important product preferred by married couples in general. With its quality and flamboyant structures, a pleasant and flamboyant look is revealed in your rooms. By Lamp Products designed by design, easily purchase and available. These products that are purchased are unique beauty designs for your bedrooms or your halls.

3-dimensional Satun Girl & Male Led Lamp For Everyone

This model, which married couples often use in their homes, is of utmost interest. 3-dimensional Saturn girl & boy led lamp, It meets ergonomic designs in terms of product structure. Decorative lighting options, along with their options, can easily reach the supply process by easily reaching the smooth products. Interior architecture You will make the most of your homes ' interior designs in the process.

Product Features Of 3-dimensional Satun Girl & Male Led Lamp;

Wood Qaida | 12 Volt Adaptor | Day light Color

  • Wood-caide is the result of processing raw wood material with CNC.
  • The only color is daylight.
  • The power supply is powered by a 12-volt plug adapter.

 Plastic al-Qaeda | USB & Pilli | 7 Colors 

  • Metaryeli, ABS Plastics.
  • Works with the Touch Power Off Button
  • Power Supply is working with USB & 3 pen battery
  • 7 Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Turquaz



  • The lamps are about 60 thousand hours of work.
  • LED Technology is used.
  • Lights are low enough to waste energy.
  • The top headings of our lamps wear the feature. You can create combinations as you wish by buying different design titles.
  • The lamp title consists of two-dimensional plexiglass plate, with the processing of the vector drawings prepared in the computer environment and the effect of 3 dimensions.
  • It's not easily a fragile material like glass.
  • Both kaide can be safely used in areas such as nursery.
  • Measures; 15 cm x 25 cm range.
  • The delivery time of the cargo is 2 (two) business days. Shipping information is sent via mail.
  • There is no "return" in personalised products.

Box Content;

  • 1 Pleksiglass Lamp Title
  • 1 Wood al-Qaeda or ABS Plastic Colorful
  • 1 12 Volt Adaptor (wood al-Qaeda)
  • 3 Pen Batteries (In The Colored Qaeda Option)
  • It is shipped in the specially designed Kraft BY-LAMP packaging.

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