3-D London Big Ben Led Lamp

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In your 3D London Big Ben Led Lamp house, you can also use a nightlamp or a desk lamp if you wish you had 3D lamps that you can use for decorative purposes in your office. It ' s also a very different and impressive product that you can gift to your loved ones.

3-D London Big Ben Led Lamp Product Features;

Wood Qaida | 12 Volt Adaptor | Day light Color

  • Wood-caide is the result of processing raw wood material with CNC.
  • The only color is daylight.
  • The power supply is powered by a 12-volt plug adapter.

 Plastic al-Qaeda | USB & Pilli | 7 Colors 

  • Metaryeli, ABS Plastics.
  • Works with the Touch Power Off Button
  • Power Supply is working with USB & 3 pen battery
  • 7 Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Turquaz



  • The lamps are about 60 thousand hours of work.
  • LED Technology is used.
  • Lights are low enough to waste energy.
  • The top headings of our lamps wear the feature. You can create combinations as you wish by buying different design titles.
  • The lamp title consists of two-dimensional plexiglass plate, with the processing of the vector drawings prepared in the computer environment and the effect of 3 dimensions.
  • It's not easily a fragile material like glass.
  • Both kaide can be safely used in areas such as nursery.
  • Measures; 15 cm x 25 cm range.
  • The delivery time of the cargo is 2 (two) business days. Shipping information is sent via mail.
  • There is no "return" in personalised products.

Box Content;

  • 1 Pleksiglass Lamp Title
  • 1 Wood al-Qaeda or ABS Plastic Colorful
  • 1 12 Volt Adaptor (wood al-Qaeda)
  • 3 Pen Batteries (In The Colored Qaeda Option)
  • It is shipped in the specially designed Kraft BY-LAMP packaging.

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