3-D owl LED night light

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BY LAMP Do you have lost in the depths of the forest with? Decorative lighting As the named, this lamp will forget other designs. You will have the reality to make the reality, you will force the limits of your imagination.

Budget-friendly design

Budget-friendly This is with the design 3d lamp manufactured with the latest technology. This decorative lamp, such as each product, is also manufactured from quality materials and are confidently offered. 3D illusion produced with technology 3D lamp In the study environments, your studies will allow you to get more efficiently focused on. You will be comfortable in your sleep. Moreover, this product Online order with the most reasonable price You can supply with guarantee.

Excellent design and commentary with 3-D owl LED night light will formally fascinate. Also, since it is not an easy-breaking material, children will be safely stored in their rooms and will be part of your life. Will add color in every sense to your home.


3D Owl LED Night Light Product Features;

Wooden pedestal | 12 volts adapter | Daylight color

  • The wooden pedestal is prepared as a result of the crude tree material processing with CNC.
  • The only color is the daylight.
  • The power supply is working with the adapter installed on the 12 volt socket.

 Plastic pedestal | USB & Pilli | 7 colors 

  • The metarasal is ABS plastic.
  • Works with the touch-on switch button
  • Power Supply Works with USB & 3 Pencil Battery
  • 7 Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Turquasizing



  • The approximate working life of the lamps is 60,000 hours.
  • LED technology has been used.
  • The lamps are less than the energy consumption.
  • The top headings of our lamps are plug out. You can create a combination as you wish by purchasing different design titles.
  • The lamp title consists of the two-dimensional Plexiglass plate, the vector illustrations prepared in the computer environment are given 3 dimension effects with this glass processing.
  • Glass is not an easy fragile material.
  • Both pedestals can be used safely in areas such as children's room.
  • Measures; 15 cm x 25 cm is in the range.
  • Shipping delivery time is 2 (two) business days. Shipping information is mailed via Mail.
  • There is no "return return" on personalized products.

Box contents ;

  • 1 plexiglass lamp heading
  • 1pcs wood pedestal or ABS plastic colored pedestal
  • 1pcs 12 volt adapter (wood pedestal)
  • 3 Pieces Pen Battery (in Color Pedestal option)
  • Specially designed is sent in Kraft by-Lamp packaging.

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