15 Watt Slim LED Panel

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Select the light color.: Daylight
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  • 2 years is guaranteed.
  • Testing at Istanbul Technical University, real light values ​​were taken.
  • Works with a 220V connection. Driver is included.
  • White (6500 k) and daylight (3000 k) light color options are available.
  • 3 Watts, 6 Watts, 9 Watts, 12 Watts, 15 Watts or 18 Watt SMD LED Lighting Fixtures
  • Outer diameter: 190 mm. / 19 cm.
  • Hole diameter: 170 mm. / 17 cm.
  • Lumen: 1120


Panel LED Luminaire General Properties;

  • Low power consumption, high efficiency
  • Excellent cooling with special design cooler to evacuate heat
  • Aluminum injection body
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • Light Permeability High Opal Glass
  • 3W, 6W, 9W, 12W, 15W 18W and 20W power consumption Products
  • 6500K / 3000 Kelvin color options


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