By Lamp’ten Doğru Aydınlatma Ürünü Seçmenin Püf Noktaları

Lightings are an indispensable part of their living space. To illuminate your living space correctly; it allows you to feel more peaceful and create a pleasant atmosphere. So what to consider when choosing a lighting product? What are the tricks of choosing the right lighting product? The By Lamp team brought together their inspiration and experience from the world of lighting filled with unlimited options and shared with you the tricks of finding the lighting you need to create a perfect atmosphere in your living space.

A Lighting Should Not Only Be Stylish, But Also Efficient and Safe!

It is very important that lighting products are stylish, adapt to the decoration of your home, reflect your taste and style! But besides all this, other points to consider in a lighting product are; is safe and efficient. Lighting that does not have sufficient efficiency and quality can be both costly and consume extra energy. If you do not choose a saving lighting product, your electricity bill may exceed your expectations. For this reason, it is important to take into account many things from the structure of the atmosphere you live in, its size, ceiling height to its square meter and to prefer quality products.

the appropriate size and form for your living spaces, you can both provide sufficient light and bring freshness to every corner of your room, and you will not have safety and saving problems. Especially when choosing fixed lighting products such as chandeliers, stalactites, wall lamps, it will be the right option to know the details about the size of the living space and choose lighting with designs suitable for this size. In addition, the light bulbs used in lighting provide a sufficient amount of light and reflect to the right points... The high-light etterance of the bulb and its reflection on your eye or television can create discomfort and restlessness over time. Therefore, if necessary, feel free to get ideas from experienced people and do not forget to share details about your living space with them. The By Lamp team can help you find lighting products suitable for the decoration and dimensions of your home.

Harness the Power of Additional Lighting!

Aren't the constant lighting in your living space enough to create the atmosphere you want?  At this point, it may be necessary to get help from alternative lighting products such as lampshades, lambaders, table lamps and night lamps. You may need to choose an inspired desk lamp to attach to your desk, not only in your home but also in your office. Again, you may need a desk lamp at the desk that increases motivation and allows you to concentrate comfortably. In addition, except for fixed lighting in children's rooms; featuring other lighting, such as a night light, will significantly affect your child's sleep efficiency. In particular, baby room lamps should be carefully selected and ensured that they create a safe environment.

In this case, when choosing fixed lighting, it is best to also take a look at additional lighting products and correctly adjust the balance between these two different lighting products. When choosing chandeliers, do not forget to take a look at the lambaders as well. Make sure that bulbs of different colors and forms are compatible with each other in your living space. Just as sometimes you need a brighter environment, consider that you may need to relax in a dim environment from time to time. In short, it's not like Make sure to take advantage of the power of additional lighting to create the most peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

Stay Tuned for Lighting Technology and Trends!

Lighting technology is also being renewed every day and hundreds of different lighting designs are taking their place on the shelves. In addition to having different color and model options, these lightings are produced by taking advantage of the developing lighting technology. Although some like and prefer nostalgic and classic lighting products; It is also possible to find many refurbished lighting products produced in classical form today. Moreover, many extraordinary products that not only illuminate our house but also renew the air and energy of the atmosphere are among the lighting trends. For example, if you want to use Many different and pleasant options are among the lighting products, such as natural salt lamp that renews the atmosphere's air thanks to the negative ions it secretes, or a moisturizing lamp that provides humidification of the air as well as illuminating the environment.

One of the most popular lighting trends of recent times is personalized lamp designs, which can also be used as a great gift option... Different forms and models can also be redesigned in the form you dream of, considering lighting products, special occasions and different special reasons. By Lamp is expanding its product range by adding brand new options to these lighting technologies and trends every day. Browsing all these special designs and being aware of brand new lighting is a great option to create that amazing atmosphere you dream of in your living spaces. In short, it's not like When choosing a new lighting product, make sure to take a look at the unique options that lighting technology offers us and get an idea of the trendy products.

Meet 3D Lamps and Decorative Lighting!

It is very important to choose lighting products suitable for the décor of your home, but did you know that it is possible to take the décor of your home to different dimensions with decorative lighting? Decorative lamps, which come up with special designs and which are increasing in popularity day by day, also come up with 3D and special LED technologies. In other words, 3D lamps and decorative lighting combine into a single product and we come across very special 3D decorative lamp models with pleasant designs. Especially designed for special occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday, 3D lamp options are also frequently preferred as unique gift options. 3D lighting produced with special technologies, thanks to the special LED light they reflect; they get a fascinating look. For this reason, they are referred to as illusion lamps and are often preferred as a pleasant gift option.

The fact that a lighting product not only illuminates the atmosphere, but also decorative and unusual, gives you the freedom to use it anywhere, whether at home or in the office. In addition, specially designed 3D decorative lamps take their place next to you as both table lamps and night lights. If you haven't yet explored the limitless world of 3D lamps and decorative lighting, don't be late any longer! Explore the most beautiful lighting products of 2021 right now! Browse the cute models and enjoy freely displaying your style with this wonderful lighting product.

By Lamp shared with you the tricks and best details of choosing the right lighting product with its experiences in the lighting world and unusual designs. If you find our suggestions helpful, don't forget to share them with us and check out our upcoming blog posts to stay up to date on what's happening in the lighting universe. You can leave a comment or contact us on the live support page for any questions