Leaf Salt Lamp

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Therapeutic Night Light

By Lamp salt lamp models one of the models that may attract the most attention in leaf salt lamp design. Night light in adult, young and children's rooms and decorative lighting you can use it as . You can also have this product with therapeutic properties at very affordable prices.

Unique Design Combined with Salt

You will breathe more easily by changing the air and it will cause a quality sleep leaf salt lamp especially the variety salt night light is at the top of callers' options. From the first moment you start using it, you will have the best experience of how beautiful it is to breathe.

Product Dimensions and Features

  • It provides benefits to eliminate the attack problems of people with migraine disorders.
  • Your order will be delivered to you within 3 working days by cargo.
  • It has a design that resembles the leaf of the acorn tree in shape.

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