Serrated vase salt lamp

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Flower vase not health vase

Everyone's home is necessarily vase. We generally bloom this vase. But BY LAMP on-site serrated vase salt lamp Hosts health not flowers. Salt night light With the appearance of the varieties decorative lighting When you examine a new ground-breaking site, you will be able to see many more different models.

How are salt lamp prices determined?

For what room in your home serrated vase salt lamp You have landed to receive? Çankırı both adult night light obtained from salt caverns and if you desire Young Room Night Light The price of the product you can use is quite reasonable. The price determines according to the salt mass weight used.

Product Dimensions and Properties

  • It provides one-to-one benefit in the reduction of radiation effects.
  • Eliminates the harmful effects of fumes found in the environment.
  • The area in which the 84 different types of minerals are populated.
  • The cargo period is about 3 working days.

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