Angel Nightlight

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14 February gifts among the gifts they find most difficult to choose. You need to receive the most special and thoughtful gift during this period. If you want to choose a gift that can tell the person how you feel, it will suit his angel heart. Angel nightlight you can buy it.

A Style Valentine's Day Gift

Interesting Valentine's Day you can take advantage of different types of lamps if you're looking for gifts. These lamps will be a crucial supporter in lighting up the darkest nights of the person you love. Angel nightlight With models, you can get a gift to reflect your style. If you're dreaming of a bright future with the person you love, decorative lighting you can make them registered with their products. Responding to user requirements and looking extremely stylish in decoration, these lamps are always gifts to remember. By Lamp This design, which can be taken from its site, will also be a lovely supporter of your feelings for the lover.

Product Measurements and Specifications

  • Runs on 3-pen battery
  • It is 7 cm high.
  • It's plastic material.
  • It's energy efficient.
  • LED is light.
  • It changes color.
  • White Colored

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