Sphere Lampshade Salt Lamp

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Lampshade Must Be

In the bedrooms young room night light Or adult night light at least one lampshade is always kept, regardless of whether it is. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you immediately turn on your lamp and light up your surroundings. Sphere Lampshade Salt LampBoth decorative lighting is a very useful product both in terms of health.

Have Plenty of Oxygen

Sphere Lampshade Salt Lampyou can get very stylish décor by purchasing it, or you can secure yourself in your health. Sleeping in a room with plenty of oxygen with a quality air is important for your health. Especially the air that people with allergic diseases breathe in their environment is very important. The salt lamp, which experts specify and recommend, also benefits from attention deficiencies.

Product Dimensions and Features

  • The product height is 27 cm.
  • The product has a maximum of 14 cm.
  • It is made of çankırı salt.
  • Himalaya is a source of healing salt lamp at night product.
  • It is delivered with a free shipping opportunity with contracted cargo.

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