Gas lamp shaped salt lamp

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The gas lamps-shaped salt lamps increase the amount of oxygen in the environment you are in 3 times more than normal. The increase in the amount of oxygen in your environment will keep you more live, if you are working, you will make you concentrate on your work, if you are on the sleep, you will be more deeply sleeping and wake up when you wake up. In this way, the gas lamp shaped salt lamp is an important factor in human health and in a comfortable life. The salt lamp produced by accepting the focal point of human health is a good accessory with the nostalgic design that takes you to the oldest of the nostalgic design.

How long does the salt lamps protect the effect?

The salt lamps can be used for example, when you plug in your home every evening. Or if you are using the study area, you can use the salt lamp for many years when you use it in the work hours. Because the burning lamp warms up and acts on the salt. There is also a self-maintaining feature of the heating salt. Therefore, salt lamps have the ability to be used too long.

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