Flamingo LED Panel

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One of the lightings designed specifically for children Flamingo LED Panel are species. Childroom lighting This design, one of the types of species is available for sale at achievable prices. And every child is a very nice gift that the child can be happy.

Flamingo LED Lighting

Flamingo LED Panel The model is one of the extremely different alternatives. Each parent can benefit from the privileges of this alternative and make their children happy. Flamingo Lighting decorative lighting are most preferred in their products. In the room of both girls and boys, you can benefit from the privileges of these lighting. Baby room lighting It is also an extremely good alternative as the option. This is the advantages of the product if you want to get a different and styled gift on their birthday or in the period of card BY LAMP you can take advantage of it.

Product Dimensions and Properties

  • 24 cm height, 14 cm most
  • 9 cm thickness
  • Two pencils are working with batteries
  • There is one LED
  • On-off keys are behind the product

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