Flamingo Night Light

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It is a situation where the parents are very preferred to buy the lighting product specific to the imagination worlds that are extremely large. One of the lighting products that will enrich their dream world Flamingo Night Light are varieties. Special designs to children Among the designs that offer an extremely eye-catching bright. This product BY LAMP are available for sale with advantages.

A quality kids room lighting: Flamingo night light

Flamingo Night Light are among the gifts that can be adapted to each child's soul. This design appealing to their precision and naive soul, even in the darkest nights, they can allow them to be fell asleep in a fearless manner. Decorative lighting The most attention in the products are highly unique designs that attract the most attention. Designed specifically to children private Designs are available for many different advantages.

Product Properties and Dimensions

  • Pink is in color
  • Dimensions 14 cm x 12 cm
  • Works with 3 LR44 batteries
  • It consists of two options as an open and closed eye model.


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