Apple salt lamp

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The apple is used on the removal of the upper respiratory problems with different design with different design of the salt lamp and is a treatment method that has been accepted by people. As of the case of salt lamp shape, which is extremely beneficial for human health, has become an extremely remarkable product. Especially the sleep problem, lack of concentration in business life, the salt lamp is being intensive attention to customers to be a solution to many problems such as stress. It is important to use the salt lamp in the damp environments as much as possible. In order to protect the salt lamp against wear, you must not contact the water. The apple-shaped salt lamp is a quality product that can be beautifully decorative in your home and place of work.

According to scientific research ..

Negative ions that are healthy in an external environment are 1000-1500 cm3, which is acceptable by people.

However, when an internal medium is passed into an internal medium, healthy negative ions can be reduced to 200 cm3.

Natural salt lamps have a very important place in order to minimize electromagnetic pollution and keep human health at the same levels of negative ions in the outside environment.

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