Decorative Moon Lamp

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You will feel it in a gravity-free environment!Decorative moon lamp 15 cm you will feel like you are experiencing a gravity-free environment with . Stylish Design And Comment which will be very suitable for your homes or workplaces. decorative lighting will focus the product on your work and act as a night light. Moreover, its light is designed to have a one-to-one effect with moonlight.

Organic and Environmentally Friendly Design

By-Lamp in this product as it uses in every product environmentally friendly A 3D lamp Propose. No harm done 3D lamp brings the moonlight organically to your homes. And online order With best pricea it is possible to get. You can also make this product for your loved ones Gifts you can also present it as .

This lamp contains non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly PLA material (Food Safe). It can be used safely in your children's room and is a nice gift alternative to your loved ones.

Decorative Moon Lamp Product Dimensions and Features

  • It will add a warm atmosphere to your home with special moonlight reflection.
  • High performance LED technology is used.
  • Product size: 15 cm.
  • LED technology is used.
  • Single Light Color (daylight)
  • 3 The pen runs on battery.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally protected.

Note: Tree branches are not sold with the product. concept has been created for photography.

Package Contents;

  • 1 Lunar Lamp
  • 1 Wooden Stand

    • Example - Production Video



    Based on 29 reviews Değerlendir


    Based on 29 reviews Değerlendir

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